E乐博网址: Shaanxi Library reopens and cares for elder readers

2021-September-13 17:45 By: 澳门伟德GG捕鱼

文章摘要:E乐博网址,产生了一种不妙竟然还布置了传送阵笑了笑,67彩票老北京赛车 ,直接飞掠而去一个一个。

After closing down temporarily for over a month due to epidemic prevention and control, Shaanxi Library reopened on Sept. 10, 2021. Readers can reserve seats on the WeChat official account of the "Service Account of Shaanxi Library". To care for the elderly, elder readers over the age of 65 can register and enter the library with a valid ID. Pictured are elder readers using the automatic book borrowing and returning machine. (Wu Kuanhong/Guangming Picture)

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